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Implement related products in an ecommerce web-store.

Brian Savage

Related products show the suggestions in the product pages while your customers are browsing your website.

Let’s learn how to make changes in some product configurations in OpenCart Admin panel.

  1. Log into your OpenCart administration panel (navigate to
  2. Go to the Catalog menu and select Products.Click ‘edit’ on a product you want add Related products to.OpenCart 2._How_to_manage_related_products_1
  3. The field for adding Related products is located at the Links tab. Click it and scroll down to the bottom.OpenCart 2._How_to_manage_related_products_2
  4. Here you will see a Related products field.It works quite easy because it uses an autocomplete function. And what we need by autocomplete, is that we can quickly start typing in the name of the product, and we will get product names as soon as they appear in a small dropdown menu.OpenCart 2._How_to_manage_related_products_3Once you are done with that, select the product you would like to add as related and then click Save.
  5. We can follow same steps to add more related products if needed.

Just to see how is it, we should do to front-end and select the product we just edited. New related products should appear at the bottom of the page.